j. ward (lostpurity) wrote in band_show_pics,
j. ward

Photographers Wanted.

Hello everyone,
My name is j. ward and I run COMA Music Magazine, an online publication featuring interviews, photos and CD reviews of Metal, Industrial, Punk, Goth and Hard Rock musicians.
We are currently trying to expand and plan on changing format to a downaldable, bimonthly PDF zine. We are looking for some concert photographers to help out. I am a concert photog myself but I do so much else with the magazine I hardly have time and would like to get some volunteers who have at least a little experience and a DSLR. We would only require one full page photo per show and possibly some smaller ones if we are reviewing that show as well. You will retain all copyrights and receive full credit for all photos but like I said, this is a volunteer position as we currently make zero profit.
If you are interested please check out this link.
If you have any questions feel free to email me at j@coma-online.com

Thanks for your time,
COMA Music Magazine
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