Hettie (xfireworkzstarx) wrote in band_show_pics,

Fall Out Boy for Smaller Shows in the UK

I know this isn't exactly what this community is for or anything but I really need to get this out.

I have a petition for fall out boy to play smaller shows in the UK.

I have a website already made (Fall Out Boy petition this way ( www.fall-out-boy.co.nr ) and it is run by me and a friend, so it's completely safe. It will get sent to fall out boy management, and I need all the signatures I can get.

All you need to do is create an account, then go to 'Petition' that is under general, then click on the thread and reply with 'I sign', and that's it! :]

Please tell everyone you know who likes Fall Out Boy, 'cause if we get enough signatures something might happen, we never know ;]
We won't lose anything by it so we might as well try!

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