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If You Always Have To Take A Camera To Every Show You Go To And Love To Take Pictures Of The Bands/ With The Bands and Also Like Mainly Emo/Screamo/Punk/Post-Hardcore/Some Pop-Punk, Then Join This Community.

* When Making A Post Put Pictures Behind A LJ-Cut...You Can Post 1 Picture Not Behind The Cut But The Other Pictures Have To Be Behind It.

* Only Post Your Own Pictures, Don't Steal Anyone Else's And Claim Them As Your Own

* If You Don't Want Anyone To Take Your Pictures State So In The Post

* In The Subject Or Somewhere In The Post Put The Band and Date Of The Show and Where.

* You Can Also Post Reviews and If You Met Any Bands Post Pictures Of You /Your Friends and The Band.

* You Can Talk About Any Upcomming Shows In Your Area, Basically Anything To Do With Bands/Shows.

* Have Fun...Comment On How You Think Other People's Pictures Are

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